Remote Controlled
Weapon Station

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S-60 57mm Artillery
Canon Modernization

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Working Experience

Fire Control and Target Locking System Scorpion Tank

Through the Cavalry Weapons Center Research and Development, the development of fire control and target locking system on Scorpion Tank as an upgrade solution alternative. Additional digital system and mechanical system modification that allows firing performed quickly and accurately during the day and night.

Head Unit Display (HUD) S60 57mm Artillery Canon

Through the Air Artillery Defense Center Research and Development, the usage of Head Unit Display (HUD) intend to allows the gunner to track and recognize the opponents.
Respati’s Head Unit Display (HUD) has been certified by Army Research and Development Services.

Passenger Information System and Passenger Announcement System (PIS PAS) LRT Jabedabek

LRT (Light Rail Train) Jabedabek is a train system with GOA3 advance technologies. PIS PAS system are integrated with the computer network system in train to provide services according to the trip information to passengers thus adding the convenience of services.

Mobile Shooting Gallery

The Development of Mobile Shooting Gallery with PT Pindad. A gun shooting practice facility that can be towed by vehicle to the desired location so that the Police Officer can easily practice without having to leave the service area for too long. The Results could be immediately entered to database and become information that can be learned further.

Train Passenger Information Display System

Production and Passenger Information Support System (PIDS) for the trains made by PT INKA which are exported and operated in Bangladesh. PIDS provides information to passenger according to relation, position in South Asia Typical outdoor environment INKA yang diekspor dan dioperasikan di Bangladesh. PIDS memberikan informasi kepada penumpang terkait relasi, posisi, dalam suasana lingkungan outdoor khas Asia Selatan.

Technology Developments
and Innovations

As a Defence Industry, we always improve the technology developments and innovations to increase the capacities and capabilities of making high-quality products.

Technical and
Engineering Experts

Our technical and engineering experts always ensure the quality of the products, guarantee complete assistance and maintenance according to the operational activities.


Strong relationship management with the Indonesian Ministry of Defence and Indonesian National Armed Force. We cooperate and collaborate in terms of many projects to achieve goals.